39Z-Meter Boom Pump

Putzmeister’s 39Z-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump comes equipped with a newly designed four-section Multi-Z boom that can either be permanent or detachable. It’s a jack-of-all-trades that can achieve typical and high-rise pumping applications as well as frost law and special weight considerations. We’ve listened to our user feedback and put it into action. Rather than purchasing three separate pieces of equipment, customers will benefit from the value of a single, customizable machine. Click here to read more »


Truck-Mounted Specifications
Length 40′ 11″ (12.48m)
Width 8′ 2″ (2.50m)
Height 12′ 9″ (3.90m)
Wheelbase 231″ (5,867mm)
Front axle weight 18,831 lbs (8,542kg)
Rear axle weight 37,564 lbs (17,039kg)
Approx total weight 56,395 lbs (25,581kg)


Boom Specifications
Boom Style Z
Number of sections 4
Vertical Reach 125′ 8″ (38.30m)
Horizontal Reach 110′ 3″ (33.60m)
Reach from front of truck* 11′ 9″ (30.70m)
Reach depth 78′ 9″ (24.00m)
Unfolding height 29′ 6″ (9.00m)
1st section articulation 90º
2nd section articulation 180º
3rd section articulation 180º
4th section articulation 245º
5th section articulation 230º
1st section length 31′ 10″ (9.70m)
2nd section length 26′ 7″ (8.10m)
3rd section length 26′ 11″ (8.20m)
4th section length 27′ 3″ (8.30m)
Outrigger spread: L-R – front hydraulically extend out & down 19′ 8″ (6.00m)
Outrigger spread: L-R – rear hydraulically swing out & extend down 24′ 7″ (8.10m)
Outrigger load: Front 195 kN (43,838 lbf)
Outrigger load: Rear 210 kN (47,210 lbf)

Based on Model MACK MRU 613 with .16H pump call. Weights are approximate and include pump, boom, truck, driver and full fuel tank. Varies with options selected. Dimensions will vary with different truck makes, models, and specifications.

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