38Z-5-Meter Boom Pump

Putzmeister’s innovative 38Z-5-Meter features a completely brand new design for its five-section boom arm and pedestal for increased maneuverability, a reduced boom unfolding height, reduced overall weight, and a more user-friendly design. With the easy addition of a tag axle, the unit becomes frost-law-compliant to meet your job site needs year-round. Click here to read more »


Truck-Mounted Specifications
Length 35′ 6″ (10.82m)
Width 8′ 2″ (2.50m)
Height 12′ 9″ (3.88m)
Wheelbase 223″ (5,664mm)
Front axle weight 18,620 lbs (8,446kg)
Rear axle weight 35,980 lbs (16,320kg)
Approx total weight 54,600 lbs (24,766kg)


Boom Specifications
Boom Style Z-Fold
Number of sections 5
Vertical Reach 123′ 0″ (37.50m)
Horizontal Reach 107′ 7″ (32.80m)
Reach from front of truck* 99′ 5″ (30.30m)
Reach depth 83′ 0″ (25.30m)
Unfolding height 24′ 3″ (7.40m)
1st section articulation 90º
2nd section articulation 180º
3rd section articulation 180º
4th section articulation 245º
5th section articulation 230º
1st section length 28′ 7″ (8.70m)
2nd section length 20′ 4″ (6.20m)
3rd section length 18′ 5″ (5.60m)
4th section length 21′ 4″ (6.50m)
5th section length 21′ 4″ (6.50m)
Outrigger spread: L-R-front hydraulically extend out & down 20′ 8″ (6.30m)
Outrigger spread: L-R-rear hydraulically swing out & extend down 23′ 11″ (7.30m)
Outrigger load: Front 43,388 lbf (193 kN)
Outrigger load: Rear 46,985 lbf (209 kN)
Safe operational zone 120º
Outrigger spread: L-R-front hydraulically extend out down 14′ 1″ (4.30m)
Outrigger spread: L-R-rear hydraulically swing out & extend down 19′ 4″ (5.90m)

All specifications apply to units mounted on PMA stock truck – MACK MRU 613 with .16H pump cell.
Weights are approximate and include pump, boom, truck, driver and some fuel. Varies with options selected.
Dimensions will vary with different truck makes, models and specifications.
Maximum theoretical values listed.




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